A Trip in Japan (4) ~Tulip Festa in Sakura (Chiba)

This place has a windmill as a symbol, just like an ordinary scene you may see in the Netherlands.

You can also enjoy seeing various kinds of flowers by season, for example, sunflowers in summer, cosmoses in autumn, etc.

They say they have 55,000 tulips this year.

There was a crowd of people there because the weather was so nice, and it was also Sunday.

We could see a lot of roadside stalls along the street.

Although I sensed good smells drifting out toward us, we did not buy anything because we had brought our lunch box again.

This is the lunch box I made, and it is full of my favorite food!

One of the pleasures of Tulip Festa is that you can dig 10 tulips by yourself for 500 Japanese yen, and take them home with you.  I think it is reasonable!

Of course, we did it!

We dug 10 tulips at Tulip Festa, brought them home, and planted them in my flower bed as soon as I got home.

How lovely my tulips are!

In the last two years, many of such festivals or events were canceled in Japan.

This trip to Sakura reminded me of the time before the Covid-19 pandemic.