Kaga Yuzen Dyeing Products

What is “Yuzen”?

“Yuzen” is one of the Japanese traditional techniques to dye cloth with colorful patterns. It is done in a “resist-dyeing” method, which requires three different craftworkers’ processes.  First, basic patterns are sketched on plain cloth, and then rice starch is applied on the outlines of the patterns to prevent the enclosed areas from being dyed. Next, the enclosed areas are painted with different colors to be beautiful patterns, which are then coated with resisting rice starch.  Then, the whole cloth gets dyed, which will be applied only to the areas outside of the colored patterns.  Finally, wash the cloth to get rid of the rice starch.  “Yuzen-dyeing technique” requires many processes of many skilled craftworkers, so that “Yuzen-dyeing” products are considered to be noble and expensive in Japan. Yuzen-Dyeing cloth can be made into kimonos, yukatas, and many other products.

“Kaga Yuzen Dyeing” products at this site are provided by:

Shop Name: Aoyama “Erihana”
Shopowner: Mr. Hanaoka
Craftworkers: Many “Kaga-Yuzen” craftworkers in Ishikara Prefecture, Japan
Shop Address in Japan: Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan

How are Yuzen-Dyeing products made?

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Kaga Yuzen Dyeing Products