About us

About this website:

“We’re All Made in Japan!” website offers you opportunities to buy high-quality things from Japan!

This website is operated by “All Made in Japan! Secretariat” (c/o Dupler Corp., Matsudo, Chiba, Japan).

Here we introduce a lot of things about “Japan” to the people all over the world, such as Japanese culture, tradition, lives, products, etc.

Please enjoy our blog articles to be updated almost every week.

You can of course enjoy shopping at this website as well. You have probably reached one of the best on-line stores in the world for “authentic” products made in Japan, such as traditional crafts, toys, kitchen tools, paintings, etc.

These products are best for “gifts” for your family, friends, neighbors, or even for yourself!

Staff members:

Kayskay: The representative of “All Made in Japan!” Secretariat.
Mee-wa: The chief editor of “All Made in Japan!” blog.


Q. What do you mean by “We,” when you say “We‘re All Made in Japan!”?
A. Oh, I suppose you would not imagine that “We” literally means “we.” The word “We” anthropomorphically refers to “all the products listed in this website.”

Q. What do you mean by “All,” when you say “We’re All Made in Japan!”?
A. The word “All” means that all the products on this site have been “completed” in Japan, and it does NOT mean that all the “materials” were made in Japan. We, of course, have some products that were made with materials from outside of Japan. Please don’t be mean, and just take the word “All” as an indication that “all the products were made (or completed) in Japan.”

All Made in Japan! Secretariat (c/o Dupler Corp.)
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