Wooden Toys

Characteristics of Japanese Wooden Toys

The wooden toys introduced at our website are all crafted by skilled Japanese craftworkers. 
Outside of Japan, there are many wooden toy makers or craftworkers in European countries, and their products are very popular in Japan as well.  For example, in Germany, there are craftworkers called “Meister,” who make toys with extremely high skills and techniques.  Many wooden toys from Europe usually have bright colors from paint applied on the surface.
On the other hand,  in Japan, too, there are a lot of skilled craftworkers who make toys out of wood.  Many Japanese wooden toys are not painted, in order to make use of the natural texture of wood.
Those Japanese wooden toys are easy to play, good in design, and effective in stimulating children’s creativity.

“Wooden Toys” at this site are provided by:

Shop Name: Wooden Toys “Popuri No Mori”
Shopowner: Mr. Nakajima
Craftworkers: Many wooden-toy craftworkers from all across Japan
Shop Address in Japan: Wakayama City, Wakayama, Japan

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