Nambutekki (Ironware)

What is “Nambutekki”?

“Nambutekki” is one of Japan’s most famous ironware brands, and all the Nambutekki products are made in Iwate Prefecture, located in the Tohoku area of Japan. “Nambu” is an old name for the northern area of Iwate Prefecture, and “tekki” means “ironware” in Japanese. Being made of iron, the heavy way it sits gives you an elegant atmosphere, and also it has excellent heat-retention. Furthermore, iron on the surface of the inner body can be dissolved into the water inside, which gives a milder and softer taste, with healthy and natural iron supplement. (Some Nambutekki products, however, are applied with “enamel” on the inside of the body to prevent rust, so that iron will not be dissolved into water.)

“Namubutekki” products at this site are provided by:

Shop Name: Nambutekki “Itchu-Do”
Craftworkers: Mr. Sato, Mr. Nakamura (for design), and others
Shop Address in Japan: Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture, Japan

How are Nambutekki products made?

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