Hand Fans (Sensu & Uchiwa)

What are “Sensu” & “Uchiwa”?

Hand Fans can be categorized into two groups in Japan; “Sensu Fans” and “Uchiwa Fans.” Basically, Sensu Fans (or “Folding Fans”) are foldable, while Uchiwa Fans (or “Round Fans”) are not. You can practically use them to fan yourself to cool down when it is hot, but you can also display them in your room as artistic works. They have beautiful patterns on them and will surely enrich the atmosphere of your living room.

“Sensu & Uchiwa” products at this site are provided by:

Shop Name: “Matsuneya”
Shopowner: Mr. Yamamoto
Craftworkers: Many hand-fan craftworkers from all across Japan
Shop Address in Japan: Asakusabashi, Taito Ward, Tokyo, Japan

How are Japanese Hand Fans made?

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