Yosegi Zaiku (Wooden Mosaic Works)

What is “Yosegi Zaiku”?

“Yosegi Zaiku” is a general name for wooden mosaic products in Japan. Its characteristic patterns are made by repeating the processes of cutting and bonding many different colors of wood. The bonded wood with colorful patterns can be sliced to be thinner than 1 millimeter. This is done with an extremely minute attention by a skilled craftworker. The sliced sheet of Yosegi Zaiku can be pasted on to the surfaces of wooden products. Yosegi Zaiku works are not painted, but you can enjoy their colorful patterns of wood, as well as the warmth of nature.

“Yosegi Zaiku” products at this site are provided by:

Shop Name: Hakone Yosegi Zaiku “Kiro”
Craftworkers: Mr. Tsuyuki and others
Shop Address in Japan: Hakone-machi, Ashigarashio-Gun, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

How are Yosegi Zaiku products made?

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