Japanese Lacquerware

What is “Japanese Lacquerware”?

Japanese lacquerware is called “Urushi Nuri” in Japan. A traditional lacquerware product is usually made of wood or paper, the surface of which is applied with lacquer-tree sap to be sealed with 30 to 40 layers. They are tough outside and protect the inner material, making the object remain in good condition for a long time, and many of them are beautifully designed as well. The Japanese lacquerware is a general term for all kinds of products that are applied with lacquer on their surfaces, such as combs, chopsticks, bowls, dishes, and so on.

“Japanese Lacquer” products at this site are provided by:

Shop Name: Hidehira-Nuri Kobo “Marusan Shikki”
Craftworkers: Mr. Aoyagi and others
Shop Address in Japan: Daito-cho, Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture, Japan

How are Japanese Lacquerware products made?

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Japanese Lacquerware Products

Maintenance of Japanese Lacquerware Products

Step 1: After use, wash it with a soft sponge and ordinary dish detergent. You do not have to wash it hard because lacquered products are usually stain resistant.

Step 2: After washing, rinse off the detergent with running water.

Step 3: Wipe the water off with dry, soft cloth. It should be completely dry without any water drop so that no water marks remain.


  1. If any flecks of food are sticking on the surface, you can sink the lacquerware under water between 5 and 10 minutes, and then wash it normally. But do not leave it in water too long.
  2. Be careful not to hit it with harder material dishes. It may damage the lacquered surface.
  3. Wash softly, especially if the product has any gold-foil applied on the surface. Gold-foil may come out if rubbed hard.
  4. Avoid using “microwave ovens,” “washing machines (dish washers),” and/or “dish dryers.”
  5. Avoid using detergent with “polishing powders” included. It may damage the lacquered surface.