5 Best Gift Items Made in Japan! (as of June 20, 2021)

Hi, everyone! It’s Kayskay.

Ever since this website opened on June 1, we have added items for you to shop, which is now over 50!

We are preparing to add more items, but it may not be easy for those who want to buy a product here to select one, because there is so many.

So here are some recommendations from me, which is perfectly based on my personal opinion!

In 5th place is…
“Japanese Lacquerware -Pair Soup Bowls- (Hanamaru)”

(*Click the picture to see the details.)

This pair of soup bowls will be a perfect gift for a “newly-married” couple!
Not only are they just simply beautiful, but they can also be used daily.
They are tough and hard to break, which I suppose will be very important for married couples?

In 4th place is…
“Yosegi Zaiku -Tote Bag 2-“

(*Click the picture to see the details.)

Now, this bag is absolutely unique, with “ultra-thin wooden sheets” decorated on the outside body, and the body itself is made of wood as well.
I personally like the light pink used for the inside of the bag.
This will be a very nice gift for an adult lady!

In 3rd place is…
“Nambutekki Cast Iron Kettle (Black)”

(*Click the picture to see the details.)

This can be a good gift for someone who just moved in to your neighborhood, or someone who is starting a new life.
A Namubutekki kettle can help you take “iron supplement” just by using it in your everyday life, whether you live alone or not.
The kettle itself may be a little heavy, but that can give you a good atmosphere in your kitchen.

In 2nd place is…
Hand Fan -Ladies’ Summer Sensu (hand-painted) (2)-

(*Click the picture to see the details.)

Now summer is starting, hand fans can be useful to cool yourself down.
This “sensu fan” is an authentic Japanese craft, and will make you feel “sophisticated” just by holding it in your hand.
This will be a good gift for a “lady,” like your wife, mother, or grandmother.
It may be too late for “Mother’s Day,” but you can always send a “thank you” gift!

In 1st place is …
“Edo Kiriko Shot Glass -Mum & Cherry (Gold Red)-“

(*Click the picture to see the details.)

This is definitely beautiful, and I love this!
This glass may not be big enough, but it can give you a kind of luxurious feeling.
The cuts on the surface are all hand-crafted work by an experienced craftworker.
You can use it for yourself, or send it to someone who has achieved something. Or maybe, it can be a good gift for someone’s retirement or something.
Seeing the glass on the table will surely enrich the dinner time!